Traits Of A Great Mentor

Almost every successful person must have influenced a teacher or mentor. This mentor will act as a coach and encouragement that will encourage them to get out of their comfort zone and achieve success. Mentors are people who have wisdom and this is a combination of knowledge and experience. In investing, you also need a reliable mentor such as dan hollings coaching so you can minimize mistakes in making decisions

1. They Let You Make Mistakes
This is the first reason why mentors are important to your success. As we all know, there is a saying that experience is the best teacher.

A teacher is not someone who saves you from making mistakes, but they allow you to make mistakes as a way to learn new things and become a better person than before.

2. They don’t feel like heroes
Even though a teacher may have an answer for something you don’t know, they will never feel like a hero. This can happen because they know that the role of a teacher is to offer advice that is worth giving.

3. They Ask You To Do It Yourself
In the mentoring process that occurs, a teacher or mentor will not help you overcome the problems you face.

They only give advice and you have to deal with the problem alone. This way will make you develop and become a better person than before.

Important Tips When You’re in the Learning Process
1. You Have to Accept Criticism
Adults are those who can accept direction and criticism without feeling offended.

You must have seen a football coach screaming for their players to do better. This can happen not because the coach doesn’t like you personally, but because the goal is to make you grow a lot more.

2. Have a Commitment to the Process
There is no instant learning process and takes only a short time. There is a long process and can take up to months that you have to go through.

Don’t piss teachers off because they see you as disorganized, uncommitted to learning, or unwilling to take the time needed.