The Importance Of Paying Attention To These Few Things In Minimalist Furniture

Not only to meet household needs, but the selected furniture must also be maximal in its function to save space in the dwelling. At we can find many interesting furniture choices that can be matched with any room at home.

The composition and selection of minimalist furniture have a big enough role in creating a minimalist interior appearance at home. Too many or designs with excessive ornaments will certainly damage the overall aesthetics of the dwelling.
Here are the things you need to pay attention to in choosing minimalist furniture for your minimalist home.

1. Neutral color palette
When choosing minimalist furniture, make sure to choose furniture with neutral colors such as white, gray, beige, or ivory. A neutral color palette is the safest choice so that minimalist furniture can complement the overall interior of the room. If you want to take advantage of contrasting colors as the focal point of the room, try playing with color in the room decor.

2. Play with Textures
Carrying a neutral color scheme, minimalist furniture will generally have the same or even the same color. The room will feel monotonous without variations in the appearance of the furniture.

Play with the textures of various minimalist furniture, such as the Livien brand furniture, even though they are still in the same color hue. Not only will it look more dynamic, but the interior of the room will also feel more alive.

3. Using the principle of minimalist but maximum
In choosing minimalist furniture to complete the room, quality must be considered more than quantity. Make a list of furniture that is needed for everyday life so that it can be prioritized over household appliances that are only decorative.

When applying the principle of minimalist but maximum, the distinctive aesthetic of minimalist design lies in the minimal amount of furniture. Putting too much minimalist furniture in the room will only make the room feel cramped and cramped.

4. Prioritize closed storage space
Minimalist rooms tend to be plain with minimal decorations. This is to give a clean look only by utilizing minimalist furniture.