Big Islands On Hawaii No Other Place You Can Get Exotic Vacation Except Here

Any brief Hawaiian travel guide will generally focus on the Big Island of Hawaii, virtually to the exclusion of everyone else. There is a reason for this: The Big Island offers the best of Hawaii in one place like no other Hawaiian island. That Hawaii offers white sand beaches, great water activities, a great rainforest experience, mountaineering with a view of a volcano or two up close and of course heartwarming experiences with Polynesian culture.

Something of everything in a tight and breathtaking Hawaii and an experience, for most people visiting Hawaii, time on the island’s warm crystal beaches is the paradise on earth they can imagine. On the west coast, Hapuna Beach, a few miles from Kona, is pretty to say the least. The water is not deep, it is very clear and you can see marine life swimming among turtles and fish, for example. Although it is high season, one of the most popular beaches in Hawaii. For something that gives you plenty of room, try Waikoloa. This is a place that is also near Kona. Anaeho’omalu Bay Beach is breathtaking, the marine life is great if you enjoy snorkeling, and the swimming opportunities here are spectacular. Feel ready for some more challenging Hawaiian action.

Most Hawaiian guidebooks point you to the kohala rainforests in the north of the Big Island; And for good reason: the forests with towering eucalyptus trees and densely packed wild tropical leaves will make you feel like you’ve landed on a movie set. Of course, you can also rent your own SUV and explore on your own. You have to reach Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to experience the thrill of climbing some of the tallest volcanic mountains in the world like Mauna Kea. Crater Rim Drive, Thurston Lava Tube and Chain of Craters Road are spectacular, you will find it and well worth the time exploring ancient and fascinating Hawaii’s history. For example, the Pu`uhonua or Honaunau National Historical Park in a beautiful mountainous part of the Big Island coast is a place where the kings of Hawaii ruled and communicated with the gods, visit this on